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Visit Dundee Travel Active to find out more information about the project and the benefits of walking and cycling.

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Explore Dundee with our interactive map. View stop information, points of interest and plan journeys.

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Why walk?

Good for your local area and good for you!

Walking is free, good for your health and good for the environment. Walking benefits everyone and if you walk and shop locally you support your local community and help to improve public safety and security.

A 15 minute walk burns around 95 calories! Over a five day working week, that really adds up. It also helps you get some healthy weekly exercise, reducing your risk of heart disease and obesity.

Getting off the bus a couple of stops early or walking to work or the shops can easily help you to meet these targets through every day activities.

Walk route planner

Use our walk route planner to plan a local walk.

Enter your starting point and destination then select your walk speed and intended start time. The route planner will calculate the most direct route and your result will be presented graphically on the Dundee map. You will also receive a description of the route and an estimate of the time your walk should take.

Local walks

Our local walk application will publish a personalised 15 minute walk map from your starting point. Just enter your postcode and the application will generate a map showing 5, 10 and 15 minute walk zones and bus stops in the area.