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Dundee has over 600 licensed taxis that are allowed to ply for hire and sit at taxi ranks. Taxis are always clearly marked as such and should not be confused with private hire cars (minicabs). All taxis are inspected regularly by Dundee City Council to ensure they are roadworthy. Taxis come in many shapes and sizes but the fare you will pay is not determined by the type of car. You should try and use the taxi at the front of the rank as they are likely to have been waiting the longest for a fare.

Dundee has nearly 1300 licensed drivers and they perform a valuable role in moving people around the city, 24 hours a day. All drivers are vetted by Police Scotland to ensure that they are suitable to work with the public. Dundee City Council is working to improve standards by promoting training and customer service. You should always respect the drivers who provide this important service.

Dundee has a mixed fleet with a very high number of wheelchair accessible vehicles as well as saloon cars. A mixed fleet helps ensure that people with restricted mobility can find the right car for their needs. It is illegal for a taxi driver to refuse travel to a disabled passenger. If that happens you should make a complaint to Dundee City Council on - 01382 434800. If you have any other cause for complaint about the conduct of a taxi driver please contact the council with details. If your complaint is more serious Police Scotland can also assist you.

All taxis are fitted with meters to calculate the cost of journeys around the city. The cost of a trip depends on a number of things - most important is the distance travelled. Other factors such as the number of passengers, luggage being carried (not shopping bags), the time of day you travel and waiting time caused by traffic can also contribute to the cost of the fare. As a result, the cost of the same journey can vary from one trip to the next. As a guide, some indicative pricing for key destinations around the city is shown below. These fares are for daytime trips. You can expect to pay an additional premium for trips which start after 10.00pm or trips during the Festive Period.

Destination (depart Nethergate Taxi Rank)

Tariff Mileage Fare
Ninewells Hospital £3.10 3.2 £7.60
Broughty Ferry Library £3.02 4.2 £9.10
Caird Park £3.02 3.3 £7.66
Camperdown Country Park £3.02 3.5 £7.98
Kingsway Retail Park £3.02 3.9 £8.62
Lochee High Street £3.02 2.5 £6.38
Dundee College (Gardyne Campus) £3.02 2.9 £7.02
Fintry Library £3.02 3 £7.18
Tannadice Park £3.02 1.9 £5.42
Baxter Park £3.02 2.1 £5.74
Lothian Crescent £3.02 3.8 £8.46
Dundee Crematorium £3.02 3.9 £8.62
Douglasfield Leisure Park £3.02 3.2 £7.50
Botanic Garden £3.02 3 £7.18

Once you leave the city boundaries, the trip will go "off meter." It is probably best to agree a rate with the driver before you start your journey.

Taxi ranks

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