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Dundee Community Transport - Community Cars

Who are we?

Dundee Community Transport is a local charity which provides an accessible, volunteer led, door to door car service called Community Cars. Developed by local people, we promote independence and social wellbeing in Dundee’s over 65 community.

Through our friendly group of dedicated volunteers we provide over 100 journeys a month that would otherwise not be carried out. These include but are not limited to; Family visits, medical appointments and social activities.

Who can access the service?

Community Cars is for people over 65 who live in Dundee and have difficulty accessing public transport in their everyday lives. 

Do I have to pay?

Yes— whilst the volunteer drivers do not charge for their time it is only fair that they are reimbursed for fuel costs and the costs of wear and tear on their car. To meet those costs, all customers are required to pay a £5 annual membership fee as well as a fee for each journey booked.

How do I book?

 To book a car you must first become a member of Community Cars, once registered all journeys must be pre-booked through the office by calling 01382 305721 between 1-4pm Monday to Friday. We will always do our best to find you a driver for your journey but as they are volunteers we cannot guarantee this.