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Why cycle?

Is it years since you've been on a bike? Or are you just a bit rusty? Get your bike out of the shed and see what it can do for you and the environment:

Great health benefits

Did you know that a regular cyclist has the health of someone ten years younger? And, that just 20 minutes of cycling burns around 160 calories? That way you can get your recommended exercise simply by cycling to work or down to the shops - that's one good reason to get your two wheels out!

Quicker than the car

In heavy congestion, the bicycle can be quicker than driving. It gives you the option of using multi-use paths, more direct routes and also the opportunity to skip queues!

Good for the environment

By cycling instead of driving you are reducing the amount of CO2 emissions as well as making the roads safer. The more people cycle, the safer our roads become for cyclists! And if you're concerned about exhaust fumes, did you know you breathe in 3 times more if you're sitting in a car, than if you're on a bike? Go your bit by getting on your bike!

Time for you

Cycling gives you the opportunity to have some "you" time and clear your head. Regular exercise is proven to reduce stress levels too.

It's free! (well almost)

Unless you have to buy a new bike and the occasional maintenance that's required, cycling is pretty much free! No petrol, insurance or car tax costs to pay.