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Co-wheels car club information

Co-wheels is a public access car club that is run as a social enterprise. The Car Club provides vehicles for hire for as little as half an hour, giving both residents and businesses an alternative to owning or using their own car. For employers they provide a flexible alternative to employees using their own cars, in-house pool cars or standard hire cars.

Once you have registered your personal details with the Car Club, you can book the cars online, go along to the car with the smartcard you will have been sent and it will unlock when you wave your smartcard. Make your trip and then return the car to the bay when you are done. Co-wheels will then simply bill you for your trips every month. There will be no further requirement to record usage.

To register for the scheme go to  It should take about three minutes to complete. After submitting your details Co-wheels will check your licence with the DVLA. Following that stage, the smartcard and booking instructions will be sent to your home address.

To book a car, just log in to the Co-wheels database and make your booking on-line. Select vehicle, day and time slot. You will be able to see availability immediately. Once booked, you will be sent confirmation by e-mail. The vehicle is then booked and ready for you to use at your given time.

Co-wheels vehicles are located in the City Centre and West End and comprise of a mix of vehicles including a van and a wheelchair accessible vehicle.